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Darkplay Theatre Group

DarkPlay Theatre is a multi-disciplinary group of artists, performers and crew based in Greece, England and America.

The mission is to present important and complex stories in a way that is profoundly artistic, exciting and innovative. Improvisational, interactive and visually engaging performances that take us on a personal and collective journey, and transform the audience into empowered, inspired participants who shape and share the culture they live in, rather than simply receiving passively as atomised consumers.

We encourage connections with non-traditional theatre audiences through the internationalist, multimedia framework of the project, as a way of bringing people back to the essential experience of theatre as storytelling, sensation, ritual and transformation.

We are also dedicated to the cultural exchange of ideas, to creating a diverse community of artists and creators, and to offering opportunities for new ideas and creative movements.

Credits across the team include a director who has staged theatrical shows at Athens Epidauros Festival, an actor in a major Greek TV series, a performance artist who has exhibited in Italy, Athens and London, a sound designer with multiple scores and soundtracks for independent productions in the UK and approximately 10,000 streams per month as a singer/songwriter, a Patsy Rodenburg Associate voice coach and writer, an actor with appearances in films and plays in the US and Greece, and a songwriter with 2 million song streams.


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