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Manos Tsotras

Manos Tsotras – In His Own Words

I am a writer, theater director, actor and journalist. I have written the Greek TV series “The Family”, “The classmates”, “Lola” , “I saw you” (one episode) , “The Red Room” (13 episodes) , “Like the Dog and the Cat”, “The Perfect Man”, “Our Father”, “Everybody with his madness”, “In the constellation of the tie”, “Eliza and the others”, “We are not well” and “I am the prime minister”. I have directed and adapted the Theatre comedies “Baby with the bathwater”, “The owl and the pussycat”, “Internal News” and “Ploutos”. Also, I have directed the plays “Rudisha”, “Daddy Don’t Die on Friday” and “Let’s make a baby, tonight”. In addition, I have written the epitheorisi (a Greek musical-comedy style theater) “Al Batiri Chuzzz” and I am the author and director of the play “ElladaFm”. Furthermore, I have staged the fairy tales: “The Three Little Pigs and the Bad Wolf”, “The Little Red Riding Hood’s Birthday”, “Puss in Boots” and “The Adventures of the Little Tom Thumb”. As an actor, I have participated in several TV series and theater performances. Additionally, I have presented shows and broadcasted news on the radio stations “Ellada88,5”, “Galaxy 92”, “Best Radio”, “Profit” in Athens and “London Greek Radio” in London. Moreover, I have presented the show “Opa” on the Greek-English subscription-channel Hellenic TV. Finally, as my most important achievement I consider the birth of the theater group of the Oxford University Greek Society, “Praxis”, in 2013.