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Focus Group • Resistance In A Time Of Peace

Ticket Price: €15

August 9th through September 16th 2024
Four performances per week.
Fridays through Mondays at 20:00
Audience is requested to arrive one hour before performances.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays at 20:00

Social Hour

We encourage the audience to come one hour before the show, introduce themselves to five people they never met before, talk of theatre, ideas or the weather.


After each show there will be a discussion with the audience about the play and its significance to our lives. The discussion will be alternately with the director, actors, artistic director or a playwright if available.

(double-bill) by Marco Di Stefano / Jibbe Willems.

Focus Group

A controversial, relevant and thought-provoking drama exploring the modern relationship between corporations and consumers. A mix of dark humour, deep insights and psychological drama selected as one of the outstanding original works to be featured in the Theatre’s opening season.
Carlo is 35 years old, and today is his first day at work. He finished his training course, and is now ready.

Finally – a well-paid, peaceful job. After all, it’s just market research. What could go wrong?
Well, for members of this particular Focus Group, just about everything.
This play is NOT being sponsored by any major multinational companies. Watch it and find out why.

The drama examines how corporations decide what products their customers need, whether customers get what they ask for, or what they deserve. And whether any of us can escape from the dystopian descent.
Plus, coffee and maybe some pizza.

Resistance in the time of Peace

A woman gets stranded in her car, somewhere in the great void. This landscape is in stark contrast tot the rattling story she tells her audience. What faith has brought her here? Was it an escape from reality, the fear of growing up, the threatening routine of a relationship, the regret of not having taken matters into her own hands, the regret of failing to resist in this time of peace?

Resistance in a time of peace is a powerful monologue about how difficult it is to resist decisions that are in line with the expected course of events. Whether or not you dare to color outside the lines, daring to follow your impulsiveness for once. A plea for acting first and thinking later