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I Am The Labyrinth

Ticket Price: €15

November 1st through December 9th 2024
Four performances per week.
Fridays through Mondays at 20:00
Audience is requested to arrive one hour before performances.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays at 20:00

Social Hour

We encourage the audience to come one hour before the show, introduce themselves to five people they never met before, talk of theatre, ideas or the weather.


After each show there will be a discussion with the audience about the play and its significance to our lives. The discussion will be alternately with the director, actors, artistic director or a playwright if available.

This performance is supported by  Fail Better Productions

(from)  :

Eliana Antionadou
Jonathan Ciccarelli
Cristina Cyair
Margarita Fernandes
Manuel Yamas Amalia
Katia LeClerc
Eri Marioglou Angeline
Denia Mimerini
Walter Lee Rooks
Christina Sotiriou
Christos Tzovaras
Achilleas Vatrikas

Creative Team:
Fernanda Balcells
Molly Caliger
Racha Gabriel
Sara Kowalczyk
Magdaleni Papanikolopoulou
Riginos Riginos
Wolfgang In London
Nefeli Xanthou

Artistic Director:

I Am The Darkness. I Am The Dream. I Am The Labyrinth.

• A brand new interactive performance art experience at the Theatre of the NO, opening November 2024.
• Brutal conflicts, forbidden love and the struggle for power play out in a shocking, risk-taking and sprawling meditation on the classic mythos.
• Every art form and archetype is here, a mix of live theatre and multimedia performed in English and Greek.
• Profound and provocative stories that you thought you knew, re-imagined and told through ritual, sensation and transformation.
• Enter a sensual, violent, unpredictable world unlike anything you will find on stages or screens.
• You Are The Story. We are The Stage. I Am The Labyrinth.
• From Darkplay Theatre, a creative collective of emerging, young and established artists based in Athens, London and America.